Plenty of Evidence for Vitamin C, Diet — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for all the info Linda. How are you. It seems forever since you were here. What a world we live in right now. I wish our president was a bit more intelligent! It is confusing to know what the best thing to do. My hands are like sandpaper as I have washed them so often! Your article is enlightening but I have a couple of questions. I used to take ascorbic Vt C and then got lazy. Maybe I should go back to it..
    How much Vt C a day total. How does one get zinc? I am chewing gummy bears but there is a lot of sugar!!
    Hope all goes well with you. We are plugging along. I still exercise 5 days a week and am feeling good.
    I am prayer all this will be over before too long. I have a friend coming home from Spain as the whole country is on lock down. That may happen here!
    With love, fifi

    • So great to hear form you Fifi. Yes, these are crazy times. Get some pure powdered ascorbic acid or “buffered” C powder and mix into water with a splash of kevita or kombucha (low sugar versions). This is a good time to be off sugar. I also mix in liquid magnesium for bones, heart and keeping calm, plus MSM and collagen for joints and skin so it’s a sort of medicinal cocktail. You want vitamin C three times a day for prevention, so you might have capsules on hand for mid-day and sip your C-water morning and night. 1 gram C 3 times a day is a general recommendation for prevention. I am working on a post for general diet and other supplements. Be sure your D is up too! D with K2 helps bones the most. Stay well! Avoid your friend from Spain for at least 2 weeks.

  2. Nothing like healing from within! thank you so much Linda for digging deeper and sharing all of this knowledget with us. It is very comforting to hear of how China is dealing with this and how we can be preventative.

    In terms of supplements for children, I have used the gummy VIt. C and D. Is it better to find a chewable for the C? How about for D?

    Thank you

    • Thanks Andria. I prefer supplements without sugars, or fake sugars. You can use either ascorbic acid powder (tart) or buffered C powder (neutral) in water with a splash of probiotic drink or kombucha and drink your vitamin C, if the kids don’t want to swallow a pill. On D, look for D with K2 drops (we need them both for balance) and add drops to food or a drink (drops suspended in oil have no taste).

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