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Healing with Love

One of the most powerful appetite suppressants is not found in a pill. It is a feeling: love. Valentine’s Day celebrates the fleeting romantic experience. Falling in love, in particular, is a blissful euphoric state where food has little appeal. It tends to fade however, when the honeymoon ends.

It is then we turn to our stash of Valentine’s Day chocolate, a bitter bean that, once sweetened, stimulates similar brain chemistry as a romantic interest. Chocolate’s effect pales in comparison to the emotion however, and too much of course leads to weight gain.

There is a healthier way to bliss. I once trained with an MD who teaches how to draw on the energy of unconditional love for healing. He demonstrates how love is the most powerful force in the universe. It might be. I witnessed some powerful healing with his formula blending love, breath and intention. His patients saw uncharactisticly rapid wound healing, bone mending and even shrinking tumors. I assisted in a study with HIV positive patients and witnessed significant improvements in T4 blood cell counts and morale when loving energy was compared to other treatments.

My own love-healing session put a stop to debilitating menstrual cramps and left me unusually calm, with a pleasant reduction in my over-zealous appetite.

My first foray into Healing with Love was a weekend workshop. On Friday night participants became acquainted over a generous vegetarian buffet. We ate with gusto. A big fan of buffets at the time, I remember loading up on cheesy pasta, rice dishes, and baked goodies. Many returned for seconds and then dessert (me included). After, I felt unpleasantly heavy and lethargic.

A funny thing happened the following day. We spent the better part of the morning participating in heart-centering exercises. By the time the lunch buffet rolled around, we were so blissed out we lost our appetites.

In fact, for the remainder of the workshop, despite the myriad of delicious fresh-prepared dishes at mealtime, participants took meager portions and hardly ate that. Basking in the warm glow still stirring in our heart centers, we pushed food around on our plates until it was time to leave.

Despite the turmoil in the lives of many participants, all were affected by this heart-focused state. The merging of love, gratitude, and connection comes with a sense of deep well-being while promoting healing on many levels, from disease itself to calming anxiety and the destructive appetite that can come with it.

This euphoric feeling is one of the keys to your mind’s ability to manifest your desires, whether it’s a fit body or a financial windfall.  You don’t need a special Love workshop or even a Valentine romance to cultivate this feeling and reap benefits.

Valentine’s Day love is no doubt pleasurable and beneficial to our hearts. Deep healing however calls for a different quality of love, one less focused on a lover, more on the heart.

Learn how to tap into this powerful energy and use your Mind to manifest your desires, from fitness to money.

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