Building Resistance — 10 Comments

  1. Ah, the voice of reason!

    We have lost so much control over so many things right now. This blog post is empowering. We DO have control what we put in our bodies. I appreciate ALL of the research you have done here and shared with us. Thank you for arming us with all of this preventative information.

    I always appreciate your perspective!


    • Yes, you can do so much to change your risk and ability to get through a possible infection without pain, damage to your lungs or hospitalization. It is too bad this is not drilled into us like hand washing is.

      • No kidding!!! Or the use of hand sanitizer. So many people miss the mark of the healing from within. Thank you for doing your part in educating us!

  2. Dear Linda,
    Thank you so much for staying the course! You are making a difference for all of those whose wisdom guides them to you!
    Much love and huge thank you.

  3. Thank you Linda as always you are a voice of reason and a true healer

    I have to be in touch lifes’ been just absolutely crazy busy and miss having you be a part of it

    hope you and Glenn are doing just fine love Mary

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