“I’ve been working with Linda for 7 years. She’s helped me to lower my blood pressure, to lose weight, and relieve my asthma, anxiety and GERD. Her knowledge of nutrition in order to turn things around is exceptional. I love that she is always proactive in figuring out what to do. And to top it off, she is a delight to work with! There is no one more compassionate and dedicated to nutrition and health.”
Jeanne Van Til
Walnut Creek, California

“My time with Linda has been an important piece in my feeling success and wholeness. I struggled for years with my health and was desperate for guidance. I read her book over and over again, which helped me understand what was going on with my body. Linda guided me in an EFT session that enabled me to see who was at the source of my sciatica pain and we released it that very day. Linda was the blessing and helping soul I needed in 2007 and has continued to support me in my health ever since.”
Hale Arpacıoğlu
Istanbul, Turkey

“Linda is more than informative – she is kind, supportive, resourceful and inspiring. She suggested simple changes that I could make for my family and myself that have brought great results! My energy levels are up and mood is steady. My children are having a great school year. I am so thankful. I plan to consult with her again and again!”
Caelan Kuban, PsyD, LMSW
Royal Oak, MI

“Linda has grounded me in a simple nutrition plan that has improved the quality of my life. Increased energy, alertness and stamina are just a few of the benefits I have gained from making the right nutritional changes. Linda is a great resource for my family and me and I’m very grateful for her help.”
Mark Haley
Rocky River, Ohio

“I am grateful I found Linda. I was a longtime vegetarian, or close to it. She helped me see that a small amount of sustainable meat keeps me feeling stronger, healthier and more energetic. She encouraged me to enjoy eggs again too and helped me to see why I needed to cut back on my grains. Her devotion to her clients and health is paramount in her life.”
Angie Huth
Ripon Wisconsin

“I am no longer chronically sick, my energy is back and despite suffering asthma since early childhood, my breathing is fantastic. I cannot tell you how happy I am I broke this cycle of being sick and needing drugs all the time. I feel so much better since Linda helped me to change my diet. I can finally work out and feel good. I am down 16 pounds and things are speeding up because I am not so tired anymore. My world has gone from black and white to color!”
Joan Haley
Playa del Rey, California

“I have worked with Linda for 15 years. She has seen me through my single days, pregnancies, and now the health of my family. What blows me away is her ability to offer up just the right remedy for any type of health condition from gallstones, to c. difficile, to children’s allergies, to weight loss to dry skin. Long ago Linda educated me about nutrition ideas that are just now reaching the masses. She is ahead of her time. Linda and I have emailed a lot over the years. There are times I do not eat right and so I go back through our emails for inspiration. She never judges or gives up on me. She keeps giving me new ideas to stay on track. Linda was put on Earth to do this. I see many more years of consulting with Linda.”
Andria Dickson
Danville, Californi

“I have spent a month working with Linda. I feel awesome. This transition was so much easier with Linda’s help. I have lost 20 pounds since we started. It was the easiest 20 pounds I have ever lost. I see a new person in the mirror. I really feel smarter about food. I really feel like I was in a fog until now. My life is on a great new track, and it’s all because of Linda’s guidance.”
John Gregorio
Fairfield, California

“Linda, working with you has been an adventure. This process has impacted all areas of my life and I look forward to seeing what I uncover next. My skin has healed and I have had a breakthrough with the heartburn. I am also once again very productive in my painting and have made some much needed changes in the way I do business. It took a new way of eating to make it happen for me.”
Kelley Vandiver
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“The nutrition consultation my husband and I had with you was a true turning point for us. We made serious changes in our health and now take an active interest in nutrition. Thank you for your valuable work.”
Gail Price, Weight Watchers Consultant
Berkeley, California

“I am half the size I was six months ago when I started with Linda.  But more importantly I feel every aspect of my health is where it is suppose to be.   No more arthritis pain!  You can do this – ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS WANT TO.   I know I am the only one who can bring it all together, but Linda’s knowledge and directions made it possible.” 
Suzanne Aitchison
Chicago, Illinois

“My doctor tells me I no longer have diabetes.  It seems remarkable.  I thought I had a lifetime of drugs and problems ahead of me.  Linda’s suggestions are easy to follow and the results are dramatic.”
Robert Crowley
San Francisco, California


“As soon as I started following Linda’s advice my long term digestive problems ended.  I no longer worry about going out with friends or having to suddenly run out of a meeting at work.  A pleasant side effect is that my energy level is the best it has ever been.”
Denise Turnbull
Bodrum, Turkey

“Linda is nutritionist extraordinaire. She is my primary resource for health information. Her knowledge and understanding of nutrition and healing is beyond extensive. She has been inspirational in my own learning and healing. I have changed the way I cook and eat and enjoy a much more healthful lifestyle based on her ideas.   I am amazed at her vast knowledge and her ability to inspire, teach and share information.  Health “experts” acknowledge that she knows more than they do.  I have such confidence in Linda’s abilities, I refer my loved ones to her when they are willing to make changes to begin their own healing or when they’ve tried every other avenue without success.”
Sylvia Haskvitz, RD
Tucson, Arizona

“Linda is the source I have always returned to over many years to re-center myself and get back on track. Her knowledge is always state-of-the-art and groundbreaking and she cuts through all of the “diet lies” that constantly bombard us and try to lure us in. I am so happy to have Linda as a health consultant in my life to keep me feeling well and in balance. Linda’s approach encompasses the whole person and she is so much more than a nutritionist!”
Jane Inch
Piedmont, California

“It’s been months since we worked together, but our family still implements the principles Linda taught us.  We are eating much higher quality meats and dairy along with all our other foods.  This has helped me shed excess weight and improve my strength as a runner.  She is always right there with answers to my questions and willing to do extra research.  She’s made a very positive difference in our household.”
Bill Vincent< Mansfield, Texas

“Linda has been an amazing help to both my husband and myself.  We both suffered severe digestive issues. Within one month of Linda’s suggestions we experience none of the past digestive woes.  Linda has helped me a great deal with my many other difficult health issues. I have stopped going to my other doctors and I am simply utilizing Linda’s vast knowledge at this point.  I highly recommend her book and at least a month of food logs and solutions, if not as many months it takes until she solves or relieves your health issues. Linda is a pleasure to work with and is caring in every way.”
Therese Gibboney
Lake Tahoe, California

“Linda has changed my life.  She has taught me food can be delicious and healing in a practical, understandable way.  Through her guidance, I keep my weight down and have come to appreciate a lean, light feeling.  Linda’s information makes the daily choices so much easier.  Her spiritual approach embraces both the practical and the heartfelt needs I have.  She is remarkably intuitive and always knows what I need to hear.  Her knowledge and counseling are truly holistic; from the physical (eating, stretching, moving) to the mental (reading, talking, thinking) to the spiritual (intending, manifesting, praying).  I particularly enjoyed my time at her Turkish retreat, eating and learning about Mediterranean foods.” 
Roberta Kramer
Woodland Hills, California

“My doctor was very impressed that I that I “cured myself with nutritious food.”  He wants to refer his other autoimmune patients to Linda for help too.  I have stopped having “episodes,” my energy is great and I have lost my excess weight.”
Amanda Brink
Las Vegas, Nevada