Mind Makeover

Mind is Key to Weight Loss

January is a big month for diets. Starting, and stopping.

According to a survey conducted in the UK, two out of five dieters quit within a week. Only one of out five stay with it for a month. In the end, diets fail. Even if you lose weight, chances are extremely high you will gain it all back, and probably more.

Most weight watchers put too much emphasis on the diet, not enough on the mind. It’s been said we only use about 10% of our minds – can you imagine what you can do with the other 90%?  Your mind will help you with your body makeover if you let it.

There are two essentials to a mind makeover for weight loss:

*Cultivating the right thoughts (and words)

*Cultivating the right gut flora (your Belly Brain)

Right now, let’s focus on thoughts. Stay tuned for my webinar and ebook on changing your gut flora and Belly Brain. I have some exciting news here.

We average 60,000 thoughts per day. Our thoughts create us. Thinking and telling a friend it’s impossible to stop eating the holiday See’s will keep you reaching for those chocolate bonbons no matter how hard you try to stop or how many resolutions you set.  Telling your friends you hate to exercise is likely to keep you, well  — chubby and not moving.

Stop obsessing about how much weight you gained over the holidays.  And by all means, don’t discuss it.

We know from quantum physics, energy follows thought. That means your thoughts (and your words) direct and focus energy, the fabric of our reality, transforming it into the outcomes you think of as just part of life. In other words, whatever you think and talk about all day long becomes your reality: Your life. Stuff. Your body. Philosophers and religious texts have taught this for years. Many, including Deepak Chopra, teach awareness as a path to changing our thoughts, bodies and lives.

One of my clients, a hard working type A business owner, tells me she cannot give up her Frappuccino and cookie habit. “I can’t do it,” she laments. “I crave my sweet break every afternoon and no matter how hard I try, I cannot pass it up.” The more she tells others this, which is often, the more firmly she locks herself into this pattern. To change, she needs to be aware of what she is thinking and saying, then change her thoughts and words.  Possibilities include: “I love sparkling water and fruit in the afternoon.” or “I look forward to hot green tea and a few walnuts every afternoon.” She could also use awareness to figure out what she really needs is a nap, or permission to relax.

By commiserating with friends about how overweight or ill you are, or how you hate to exercise, you are setting yourself up for failure. Research reveals people with overweight friends tend to be overweight themselves. Could it be the conversations? Our words? Become aware of what you are saying to others.

Words have power. Choose wisely.

When an old friend says, “Wow, you look great.” Keep yourself from responding, “No way, I’m so fat.” This kind of answer makes it nearly impossible for your mind to help you.  It may seem like friendly banter, but your words have power.  The more helpful answer is, “Thank you.”  And even better, “Thank you, I feel great, energized and lean.”

NO matter what your resolutions, when your words reflect them, success flows most easily.

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