As someone passionate about good food and enjoying life, I can guide you to a way of eating that is healing as well as delicious and satisfying.

I am a recovered overweight binge eater turned passionate and lean healing-gourmet. I developed the nutrition program at the Claremont Resort and Spa in Berkeley as well as the detox program for the Six Senses Spa in Turkey including working with spa chefs to incorporate local traditional ingredients into gourmet meals.

My education includes a Bachelor of Science from University of California at Davis and Master of Science from University of Connecticut at Bridgeport. I mentored with Chinese medicine doctors in San Francisco, as well as with Orthomolecular doctors, physicians who use nutrition to treat disease. My advanced education includes acupuncture school, herbal medicine training, energy medicine and homeopathy training. I have traveled through China and lived in the Mediterranean to research foods and health.

Sometimes it’s the mental and emotional patterns that keep us stuck in behaviors and illness. Well chosen food and nutrients, the right homeopathic remedy, plus energy psychology, along with targeted mental strategies enable us to shift old habits.

I can offer you a tool kit of powerful, natural remedies that do no harm. Pharmaceuticals can dull the mind, weaken the body and block healing, driving illness deeper into the body. More than 100,000 people in this country die each year from properly prescribed drugs. My deepest hope is for others to experience the power and life-giving potential of the right food choices and other natural medicines.

Check out my book: Live in the Balance, the Ground-Breaking East-West Nutrition Program.

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My speaking audiences include Meeting Planners International, Kaiser Permanente, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, The UCSF Nurse Leadership Fellows, Merck & Co., Tower Records marketing team, PG&E, Johnson & Johnson, The Commonwealth Club, The World President’s Organization, Coopers and Lybrand, Ernst & Young, Lockheed Missiles and Space and numerous hospitals and physician groups, law firms and sales groups.

I have taught physicians, nurses and people like you drug-free strategies for optimum health. I belong to Slow Food USA, and Weston A. Price Foundation, organizations dedicated to promoting traditional foods and supporting local farmers.

My clients have lost excess weight and overcome fatigue, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, pain, digestive problems, arthritis and hormone imbalance using natural means.

You have unique needs. A personalized healing program does what no other diet can. It is customized to your constitution. Your Healing Strategy includes your ideal food choices, supplements, botanicals and lifestyle path.

I create individualized nutrition and lifestyle programs for clients worldwide via email, skype and phone. I also offer presentations and workshops for private groups and organizations.

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Linda Prout is not a physician and is not prescribing or diagnosing for anyone. Her role is as an educator for her clients. It is the choice of the client to take advantage of the information Linda presents. Linda is not treating or attempting to treat any illness with nutrition, supplements or any other modality. For medical care, treatment and/or a diagnosis for any illness, Linda recommends seeking the advice of a holistic physician.