Custom Plans & Consultations

Jump Start Plan
This is the perfect way to jump-start and maintain healthy weight loss, to heal minor issues, and prevent disease naturally.


  • Health Analysis & Plan
  • One-month email support*
  • Half-hour phone session
  • $485

Transformation Plan
This is ideal if you have trouble staying on track, if you need a metabolism-boost and clear direction for healing a health issue.


  • Health Analysis & Plan
  • Two-months email support*
  • Half-hour phone session
  • $565

Phone Consultations

  • One-hour: $175
  • Half hour: $100
  • Series of 3 half hour sessions: $250

Additional email support
$150 for one month
$250 for two months
Getting Started
Request an email questionnaire at [email protected]. This enables me understand your health issues, yin-yang status, metabolic constitution, and symptoms. I will let you know if I can help and which plan is best. Once accepted as a client, you will receive a customized food and lifestyle plan including: recommendations, guidelines, recipes, cooking tips, meal and snacks ideas, appetite-control techniques, sleep strategies, exercise suggestions, plus supplement or homeopathic remedy when appropriate, referrals, and anything else you need for success.

*Email support includes unlimited Q & A, food log review, fine-tuning, problem solving, and guidance from me personally for your success. Ask about substituting phone calls for email.

A new client? Email me [email protected] with questions or for a free 15-minute phone consult.

Linda Prout is not a physician and is not prescribing or diagnosing for anyone. Her role is as an educator for her clients. It is the choice of the client to take advantage of the information Linda presents. Linda is not treating or attempting to treat any illness with nutrition, supplements or any other modality. For medical care, treatment and/or a diagnosis for any illness, Linda recommends seeking the advice of a holistic physician.