Food and Hormones

Do you know any men who are tired and moody, with low sex drive and putting on body fat?  Do you know any women with PMS or breast cancer?

Men today suffer far lower testosterone levels than their grandfathers at the same age.   Women suffer more estrogen-driven breast cancer than their grandmothers.  One of the top suspects is modern pesticide use, and in particular Round-Up, used on many GM (genetically modified) food crops (and perhaps your front yard).

Round-up (glyphosate),  even at very low levels, has been shown to destroy testosterone and sperm-producing testicle cells in men while boosting cancer-promoting estrogens in women.

We think of hormones as having little do to with diet, however food can play a big role in hormone health, from puberty to menopause and beyond.   If you want to minimize risky hormone changes, start with GMO-free food.

GMO corn, canola, soy and sugar beets are now engineered to withstand heavy doses of Round-up.  The weeds die a cheap death, but the crop, now heavy with herbicide, is found throughout supermarket and restaurant products.

One of  the (many) problems with glyphosate is that it accumulates in plants sprayed, and in ground water nearby.  It takes only a teeny dose to confuse your body’s hormones.  Each year a farmer replants Round-Up resistant crops, weeds become more resistant to glyphosate, necessitating the use of ever increasing doses, which means more testosterone-lowering, estrogen-boosting effects in food and water.

If you are a woman who would like to decrease risk of breast cancer or a man who would like more muscle and to be “ready for when the time is right,” consider requesting your next meal without GMO’s.

Ask your server: “Do you cook in canola or soy oils?”  Say no to these and any dessert unless it’s made with cane sugar, not beet.  Instead of pouring canola oil on salads, spray it on destructive insects in your front yard.  Reconsider fast food: from the “all-beef” patty and chicken tenders to the chocolate shake and coke you are swallowing Round-Up-laced GM corn.

Although this post focuses on GMO’s and hormones, independent researchers have also found GMO’s lead to liver, kidney and widespread organ damage in animals who eat them.  You don’t hear much about these studies, because many of the researchers have been fired for their findings while their results discredited or kept from the media.