How to Avoid the Flu — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you Linda. I remember learning about this year’s ago from you. I have chosen not to get my girls the flu shot. I say with a very strong NO when the pediatrician asks us. I don’t vaccinate myself. Knock on wood, yes, but my girls have stayed extremely healthy and myself too. I do believe that the effectiveness of the flu vaccination is incredibly questionable. Thanks for spreading the word. And, providing all of the research that you do

    • You feed your family well, so the girls’ and your immunity are higher than most. Even if one of you did get the flu, my guess is it would be more mild and quick than for most. Sounds like the flu is sweeping California. Any talk in the schools of mandating the flu vaccine, or pressure to get it?

      • Hats off to you! I still remember how you said that there is a window after eating sugar where it weakens our immunity and I try to strategically plan when they have their special treats. No talk where we live of mandating flu vaccine. That would not be good!

  2. HI Linda!
    What would the Vit A dose be for adults? How about Vit D & A for kids?
    Thank you for keeping us healthy. Nick and I both appreciate this post!
    Happy, warmest of holidays!

    • Vitamin A and D are a team and should be balanced. So a good ratio range of A to D is between 4 and 8. Get your D checked every 6-12 months to determine the best dose for D, then balance your A. Naturally balanced cod liver oil provides this ratio. As a separate issue, vitamin A can be used as a sort of short term anti-biotic/anti-viral in high dose for ONE to TWO days and that’s it, and never if pregnant. 200,000IU for one or two days can often stamp out an emerging infection. It is used in adults at this dose, and has even been used in third world countries in kids suffering life-threatening infections. If your kids, and you, get your cod liver oil daily, you should not need this. (sorry this took so long, messages seemed to escape viewing)

  3. Linda,
    I love these alternatives to the flu shot! I see your recommended dosage for adults for Vit D, how about for kids-8,10,12? Also, what is your recommended dosage for both adults and kids for Vit A?

    Thank you for keeping our family so healthy!

    • Vitamin D dosage is individual. If kids get sunlight, they may not need to take it. If indoors and also always covered in sunscreen (not recommended) or it is winter, then a teaspoon of cod liver oil containing natural D and A is usually perfect for kids. Pastured butter, egg yolks and some liver products are a great help too. I think I covered your question on A. Get tested for your D level! An ideal blood level for D is 45-60ng/ml. For some people, 2000IU supplement does the job and for others it takes more. Vitamin D should be balanced with some vitamin A, preferably natural from fish liver oils. The ratio is something like 4 to 8 times the level A as D. Start with D, then calculate your A. I find by consuming liver (duck liver mousse is delicious!), pastured egg yolks and butter, it is fairly easy to get enough A.

  4. These immune boosting suggestions sound way better to me than a dose of who knows what being pumped into my blood stream! I wish the pharmaceutical industry was more honest. Until then, I’ll take your suggestions.

  5. Hi Linda.

    Thanks for this super helpful post!

    Question: What does the current research say about the optimal range for Vit D if we are checking it. Still in the 60 to 80 range? How much is too much?

    Also, for those of us tending toward a vegan or vegetarian diet to reverse arterial disease, what’s the best way to get an adequate amount of bioavailable Vit A? FIsh oil and Vit A supplements?

    Thanks for weighing in here.



    • You’re welcome. Optimal range for D is somewhat individual. Some people thrive at 45 ng/ml, some appear to need more. I now suggest a range of 45-60ng/ml. Too much D (again, individual) can disrupt magnesium balance. You need magnesium for calm, balanced moods, preventing tension, for heart health and to control blood sugar. A vegan diet contains no pre-formed vitamin A. Unless from fish liver, vitamin A supplements are synthetic and I do not recommend them.

      Researchers are finding heart attacks have more to do with inflammation and stress than clogged arteries. In fact the fat-clogged artery theory of heart disease has just about run its course. Studies show a diet rich in traditional animal fats can help reduce artery plaque. Sugar and vegetable oils, which are rich in inflammatory omega 6 fat, inflame arteries, which leadds to higher risk of thrombosis.

      I am finding greater success reversing plaque in my clients with individually targeted supplements and botanicals. Depending on the individual, I often find increasing butter, coconut oil and other traditional fats actually reduces artery plaque! It also changes cholesterol particles so they are lighter, less dense, and thus less harmful.

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