Is Meat Dangerous?

Is meat dangerous

Will eating bacon for breakfast give you cancer? The recent WHO study linking red and cured meats to possible increased risk of cancer is not news. We have long known of a link. As far as significance, you be the judge. If you live … Read More »

Cilantro Power

Cilantro Power

Cilantro is the perfect medicine in today’s heavy metal world. We are all exposed to varying levels of toxic metals, including aluminum, mercury, lead, and cadmium. This flavorful herb binds toxic metals stored in our tissues so we can more easily excrete them. It is the perfect cooling compliment to spicy dishes across the globe.

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Self Screening for Prevention

Self Prevention

Chances are you will notice an impending health issue before your doctor can. A lab test often picks up abnormalities only after things have progressed. Real prevention starts with reading your own subclinical signs and symptoms and taking steps to remedy issues with diet … Read More »

Eat More, Weigh Less

eat more weigh less

My all time heaviest client, weighing in at over 800 pounds, refuses tea, kale, fish and anything with cilantro. Her favorite foods include potatoes, beef, chips, and soda. My leanest clients often come from other countries. They regularly eat things such as sweetbreads….

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