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    • Hi Valorie, Best way to get untreated (no chemicals, not pasteurized) “raw” almonds is from a farmer, unfortunately,. Sometimes a smaller store is able to buy below a certain amount of almonds that are truly raw and untreated. Larger grocery stores must get “treated” almonds. Now days, most “raw” almonds are not truly raw, but required by law to be treated for potential bacteria. The treatment may be worse than what they are treating for.

  1. Linda, What’s wrong with eating quinoa, amaranth, and millet? These are good grains and carbs. I disagree with this idea of cutting out good grains from the diet. How about eating a well balanced diet? That includes grains?

    • I just had quinoa for breakfast! with plenty of of crushed nuts and butter. I don’t recall recommending no grains. There are some people who suffer auto-immunity with grains, but this is the exception. Most can enjoy properly prepared grains without trouble.

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