How Chicken Pox Prevents Shingles — 6 Comments

  1. Hello! I was not picturing us to be sick in the summertime. But, pneumonia now has plagued 2 out of my 3 (and will probably confirm the 3rd at the doc’s this morning) of my girls. My 11 year old took amoxicillin and it went away. Amoxicillin did not help my 12 year old and now she’s on azithromyicin. I have been giving them 3 billion of probiotics daily. Do you recommend I increase the dosage? Any other tips. We have been eating lots of chicken soup and drinking lots of water. Thank you!

    • Makes me wonder if they are getting adequate vitamin D. Geet levels checked and aim for closer to to 50-60ng/ml. I would probably try the homeopathic antimonium tartaricum 30c twice a day – just like other homeopathics not with food or drink. Hard to know if that is right as you don’t say much about symptoms, but this is usually helpful for pneumonia. Keep off sugar, juices, white flour. Could you have mold in your house?

      • Hello!
        I will look into a Vit D. supplement for them.
        Their symptoms were cough for a few days, fever for a few, and now that loose-sounding cough that won’t go away. The first daughter got sick while we were 5 days in on our Hawaii trip. Since then, it has spread. I will google mold, for sure. Thank you!

  2. hello Linda, could you share more info of options in Homeopathy for post herpetic neuralgia pain ? My mom is miserable with this pain from recently going thru the shingles virus.
    Thanks kindly, for your time and attention.
    P.S. also how does cod liver help ?

    • You should not jump into homeopathy unless you have some experience or details on what to watch for and how to use. It is not like a supplement. That said, if the pain is intense, hypericum 200 every hour, up to 3 to 4 times in a day can help with pain. Antimonium crude 6 every 3 hours can help the outbreak itself. Applying anything topically (homeopathic or allopathic) appears to backfire in many, potentially making the pain and rash worse. The exception might be something like coconut oil. Cod liver oil is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and can’t hurt. Good luck with your mom.

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