Holiday Recovery

Holiday eating used to leave me feeling frustrated, fat and fatigued, which lead to anxiety and more unhealthy food choices.  It can be a challenge to get back to balance. The good news is you can detox your liver, shed holiday weight and restore your energy and calm quite quickly.

Here are a few tips to give you a jump start.

Don’t go on a diet or juice fast.  Both dissolve muscle mass thereby slowing metabolism while leading to rebound overeating,

Eat protein. Many don’t realize protein is essential to weight loss and detox. Some believe it’s healthier to reach for grains, low-fat snacks, juices or fruit.  But this can backfire when it comes to sugar cravings, losing weight and calming anxiety.

Protein-rich foods such as pastured eggs, grass-fed meat and poultry, seafood and raw nuts/seeds (preferably soaked and dehydrated) promote weight loss, blood sugar control and detox. These foods also keep energy up and anxiety levels down.

Protein boosts metabolism. It steps up fat-burning, whereas carbs promote fat-storage by stimulating insulin.  Protein helps us make brain chemicals that keep mood up and appetite down. You’re much less likely to grab a chunk of fudge when you’re happy and energized then when you’re grumpy and tired.

Most high protein foods are also rich in zinc, a liver-detox mineral that reduces anxiety as well as the urge for alcohol.  Zinc-deficient lab rats drink more alcohol than animals with normal zinc levels.  Furthermore alcohol depletes zinc, so if you’ve been drinking more than usual, chances are you could use extra zinc.  Zinc helps keep blood sugar stable, further reducing urges for sugary snacks. Good zinc sources are oysters, followed by red meat, liver, eggs and pumpkin seeds, but you may need a supplement to restore blood levels.

Pass on potatoes and sugared drinks.  The top foods associated with weight gain, according to Harvard researchers, are potato chips, followed by potatoes and soft drinks.

Choose more non-starchy vegetables and nuts, two top foods associated with weight loss. Cooked green veggies (think kale, collards, broccoli and spinach) protect the cells from toxins while helping the liver detox. Cooked leafy greens also promote calm and reduce cravings for sweets, especially chocolate.

Eating for balance can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t sure what your body needs.  If you’re struggling with cravings, anxiety or other overwhelming emotions, a shift in food choices, the right supplement and/or a homeopathic remedy can be just what you need.  

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Holiday Recovery — 9 Comments

  1. As often as 5 days/week. Yes, when I get low blood sugar by missing a meal or waiting too long to eat, I will feel lightheaded and at times, get dizzy.

    • How often? Do you have low blood sugar? meaning if you miss lunch or go to long without eating, do you get lightheaded or dizzy or perspire and shake…. something like that?

  2. Linda, There are times when my sugar cravings are so, so low that I am rummaging like a mad woman through anything sweet in the house. I still don’t ever stock the house with sweets…….

  3. Andria, Homeopathic remedies are used only when something is really wrong, so neglecting meal planning and not exercising would’t be enough of a reason. I use homeopathic remedies when there is big time sugar cravings, or low blood sugar swings, or intense reflux or gas or intense stress or emotions – that kind of thing. For you, probably a month of food log reporting and email support is likely to get you back on track. We might need to look at your nutrient balance, which may be leaving you lacking motivation.

  4. Thank you Linda. I have not been taking the time to exercise and I have been neglecting meal planning/ including lots of veggies…. Those three affect my well-being. I am interested in homeopathic remedies and would love to learn more. Shall I email you?
    Your words are always calming. Thank you again!

  5. Great reminders. Thanks for that. It’s always such a challenge to get out of those holiday habits. Not taking time for yourself, less exercise, and yucky foods…

    • Andrea,
      I am working with some wonderful homeopathic remedies for digestive issues, mood and sugar cravings. I am not sure any of your issues are significant enough to need a remedy, but if sugar cravings and blood sugar swings ever slip out of control, let me know; you could try the one for sugar. In the mean time, do what you know to do: high quality protein, veggies, exercise, focus on the positive……

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