Why People Fail

Why do we make great food choices for weeks or months, then sabotage ourselves? Some say they lack willpower, but is that really it? For years I’ve watched clients try and fail with their health goals.  Many started with a dazzling amount of willpower.   Willpower doesn’t have staying power. There are three elements to success.

1. Your Mind: Are your thoughts supportive of your goals? Do you see signs of improved health each day? Or see only your failures? Are you hopeful? Do you think and say things like, “I just can’t stick with it.” “I’m having a bad eating day.” Or, “I can’t resist chocolate.” Do you eat your way through the holidays because it’s a “time to celebrate”? Your thoughts determine your success. Make sure they are working for you.

2. Your Emotions. Try this: Recall a time you felt deeply loving or grateful – perhaps when an infant lay in your arms, or a soft puppy was curled into your lap. Or maybe you are gazing at the sea or embracing a lover. Use your memory and imagination, to see and feel the details. Got it? Such a feeling state is not only healing, it reduces appetite. I took a workshop once called Healing With Love. Our days were filled with exercises designed to shift us into unconditional love. At the dinner table each night, normally hungry participants lost interest in eating, and merely moved food around their plates. Unpleasant feeling states of anxiety, guilt, shame and despair often trigger eating, or drinking, as self-medication.

3. Your Body. The body produces an array of hormones and brain chemicals that drive our feeling states and appetite. Low blood sugar or lack of sleep can also trigger cravings or a binge. We release satiety chemicals in response to specific foods. Hormone and neurochemical changes are influenced by thoughts, but also what we eat, our sleep patterns and activity. Are your food choices keeping your brain chemistry optimized and appetite under control?

There are many facets to success, in life, and in health. You don’t need willpower to be lean and healthy when your thoughts, emotions and food choices are working for you.

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Why People Fail — 5 Comments

  1. I wan to be better at portion control & eating just enough to assign my energy. How do you ‘suggest to ‘think’ about foods in terms of this?? Thank you!

    • Not sure I completely understand the questions, but as far as portion control, one key is to get the leftover food put away before you sit down to eat. Dish up the right amount, wrap and store the rest and fast! Then eat. Also if you sip on a savory broth before meals, that reduces appetite. Serving large amounts of veggies with lots of good fats is a great way to fill up and not gain weight. And try chewing every bite 40 – 50 times. Hope that helps!

  2. I completely agree that our mind, activity level & how we manage stress can all play a role in our ‘willpower’ with food.
    I refer back to your ‘Thoughts’ document when I need a little adjustment in this department. Thanks for the reminder:))

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