For many, Thanksgiving isn’t satisfying unless celebrated with overeating and drinking, then suffering. What if there was a remedy you could take to provide relief? Not just the old “pop-pop-fizz”, but something providing complete, safe and natural relief? There is.

Nux vomica. This strange sounding product is a homeopathic remedy. It is a form of energy medicine, not a drug. It is for you if you overeat, drink to excess, drink too much coffee, or even pop too many medications. It even helps with the effects of too much work or play.

Other confirming signs you need this include irritability and a type A personality. Is your life fast-paced? Have you been working long frenetic days getting ready for your Thanksgiving break, yet plans are to over-indulge?

Nux is the classic remedy for all that. Nux is a remedy for heartburn, bloating, gas, nausea or indigestion following a feast. It is just the thing to have on hand if you find yourself unbuttoning your pants after eating. Nux is called for if you tend to be constipated or have diarrhea.

Conveniently, Nux is the magic hangover remedy. It provides relief from an alcohol-induced headache with queasy stomach.

And here’s one more benefit. Do you wake between 2 and 4am with worries and perhaps a rumbling belly? A few days of nux therapy can have you sleeping like a baby.

Nux vomica can also help your child recover from a sugar-laced sleepover or birthday party. “My tummy hurts Mommy,” this too calls for Nux vomica.

Let’ face it, Nux vomica is the perfect holiday remedy for many Americans. Try the 30c potency. After the feast, take 4 pellets under your tongue — away from coffee, after-dinner mints and preferably away from food. Repeat as needed. Stop when you feel better or after 4-5 days.

Of course, we would all be better off if we focused more on family, friends and our founding fathers (and mothers) and took smaller portions. If you aren’t there yet, pick up some Nux vomica before Thursday.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Overindulgence — 10 Comments

  1. I found it at whole foods & it works very well. Is it also supposed to work with water retention b/c I felt like it had an impact with that. What is the deal with homeopathic aids.. Are you not supposed to mix some of them with each other? Or is it harmless? Thanks for this discovery:)

    • No problem mixing, although in some cases it is more effective to wait 30 minutes between single remedies. Many homeopathic remedies however come pre-mixed to cover all the bases for an issue. It is important to stop the remedy when you are better – do not keep on taking it like a supplement. If you need it again, resume.

  2. Hi Linda, happy Thanksgiving! I was most thankful for this post. With these remedies do you just take it one time per day? I am never quite sure with the homeopathic’s. Any advice would be most helpful. Hope you have a beautiful day. We are by the beach in Delmar and I’m getting ready to go on a long walk!

    • Happy Thanksgiving to you too Jane! Yes dose is often confusing with homeopathy. If you are feeling notably better (almost O.K.) discontinue; then if you seem to slip back into discomfort, take it again. You can repeat the dose every hour or so if symptom intensity is high. Less often if things aren’t so bad. You take it more often when things are intense, not more pills. You should feel better the next day and can stop, or if still uncomfortable, take it 2-4 times the following day. Bon appetite!

  3. Linda, I strive to have your ”willpower”, but until then… This seems helpful. I find myself eating so fast these days, especially when I’m eating with my kiddos (4 year old, especially:) because I’m so hungry and I never know if she’s going up get up from table etc….
    I appreciate your blog on this homeopathic aid. You have never been one to just spew out information without a great, great deal of research.
    Thank you for that,

    • This is HOMEOPATHY! Homeopathy is highly dilute ( a biochemist could not identify what it was made from!) so all you have left is the energy of the substance, not the actual substance, which goes to work to transform the ailment. Homeopathic remedies include radiation (to treat someone exposed to radiation), arsenic (a very common one), belladonna (great for kids when they get a high fever), mercury, snake venom and some other seemingly nasty things you would never think of ingesting…. Because our western minds don’t understand energy, we have a very hard time wrapping our minds around homeopathy in which something is so dilute it no longer contains the actual substance. Homeopathy is based on the law of “like cures like,” so if you took Nux in its original form – right from the plant — and not dilute it, you would get digestive upset, bloat, gas and headache, the very issues it resolves when in dilute form. People in Europe, including the royal family, use primarily homeopathy because it is safe, fast, gentle and effective. I guarantee you they have a stock of Nux vomica on hand for holidays!

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