Stress-Induced Fat Cravings — 9 Comments

  1. My goals:to feel better, have my bowels work better (have had problems since birth), less pain, get rid of foggy brain, less pain and fatigue( I was diagnosed with fibro when i was 36) fewer headaches and the list goes on. I’m 58 and have been looking for answers and trying different things since my 20’s. I’ve been using Aglaee Jacobs’ book “Digestive Health with Real Food” and her protocol for the past two weeks and trying to hang in until next Wednesday to start adding foods back. That said I’m having a hard time eating so much meat and I think pork and beef are causing problems. And I want to eat something other than protein and four vegetables. :0) Thanks for listening, Linda.

  2. I’m just 14 days into a very restricted paleo type elimination diet. Grass fed proteins, some vegies and lots of good fats. I’ve lost some weight, have more energy, less pain. I know I do better with no or very low grain consumption. Will start testing foods next week. I’m one of those who hasn’t found gluten/dairy free to be a miracle so am hoping to ferret out what other things I may be sensitive to. I’d also like to try adding some cream and yogurt back in to see what happens.

    • An elimination diet like this can be very helpful. Sometimes if gluten and dairy are culprits, but only one is removed at a time, you won’t know. Other common suspects are eggs, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, chocolate, nuts and soy. What is your goal with the diet? I have had clients react to chicken, beef and even some vegetables.

  3. Linda what are your thoughts on fermented cod liver oil? I would also be interested to know how you feel about the Paleo approach to diet. Thank you so much.

    • Fermented cod liver oil is probably the best kind, just not something everyone can swallow. I see results from other types. As for the Paleo diet, the best part about it is that it eliminates all processed food and grains, which will help the majority of people lose weight and slash cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Not everyone benefits from the Paleo diet however; some people’s digestive systems and constitutions have evolved since our cave days. I also work with pets and surprisingly some dogs need more carbs than their canine ancestry (or wild canines), illustrating that it has been long enough since we clubbed our prey for our systems to change. Each of us has our own individual needs. There is really no one-size-fits-all diet plan. And, there are significant choices within the Paleo plan.

      Is the Paleo diet working for you?

  4. What resources would you recommend for mind body work? … How to practice self-care, time management to help maximize my time? Thank you for all if your invaluable advice… Always….

    • Andria, I do a lot of mind-emotion-spirit work (and of course body) with clients. Everyone is so different in what they need in this area. I also refer to appropriate help when needed. I have many tools in my toolbox, nutrition is just one. The first piece in managing time is to know what you want to be doing, right? People seem to stay busy doing what they don’t like doing often.

    • CLA seems to be most effective when from grass fed dairy products. Pills aren’t as effective. Studies show it reduces heart disease and cancer risk plus helps with weight loss. Butter and cheese, especially from grass-fed sources, end up being pretty good foods for weight loss.

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