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  1. How much 70% chocolate by weight is healthful on a daily basis? I would like to use it like a vitamin every day. Thanks for the blog. It’s refreshing to be able to read such honest and well researched information.

    • Everyone is different in their needs for nutrients and ideal quantities of foods. Also studies find health benefits from varying amounts of cocoa. Always pay attention to how you feel after eating chocolate. Somewhere between 1.5 to 2.5 ounces of dark chocolate provides health benefits in many studies. That may or may not be the right amount for you. Some people feel anxious after eating small amounts of chocolate. Keep your total sugar load from your chocolate fix to 6 grams or less, or look for chocolate sweetened with sugar alcohols, monk fruit or stevia.

    • I was afraid someone would ask. Not being content with a recipe as is, I had to modify. I used this Epicurious recipe but added toasted pumpkin and sesame seeds, plus pinch of cinnamon and a torn up corn tortilla. I also toasted the almonds and all the spice seeds first, then ground them all before adding. I substituted Theo chili chocolate and used New Mexico chilies to insure gringo mildness:

      Oh! and after bleeding all sauce ingredients I put chicken back in and simmered on ultra low for 3-4 hours. Serve with big red wine for synergistic effects of red wine and chocolate.

      Thanks for asking!

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