Sharpening Memory and Mind — 5 Comments

    • Thanks for your interest. I have been so swamped with clients haven’t had a chance to move forward on this. Sorry I can’t give you a time. Tell me more about your interest and I can address it in blog posts.

  1. Hi Linda,
    How are you?
    Would love advise on achieving good, restful and deeper sleep as I wake up often during the night and not refreshed in the morning.Thank you.

    • Knowing more about your sleep issue is key to offering the right help. Are you waking up at a certain time, and if so what time? is it mental loops or worries keeping you up? night sweats? Does pain or itching wake you? Are you using your tablet or phone or other device before bed? This is really just the start. What is your caffeine intake? If no other health issues, I am guessing an hour consult would get you what you need, but I can make some suggestions here.

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