Relief for Dry, Aging Skin — 5 Comments

  1. Linda
    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I have always had deep cracks in my heels and dry rough hands plus the scaly legs. No matter how much water I drink it just never changed. Although nuts are my go to snack I am definitely going to try your other suggestions minus the eggs which I’m allergic to. Thanks again!

  2. HI Linda! Yes, as always, I so appreciate your WISDOM:).
    I have two girls home with cold virus:(. Their noses are so dry from blowing them. Any good suggestions? And, why is so the petroleum jelly so bad for them–besides the root word “petrol”?

    Best and hope you are fantastic!

    • There are amazing homeopathic remedies for colds and flues, but I would need to know lots of details to recommend one, then you would need to give it before the symptoms morph into the next stage. Give them cod liver oil (the non-fishy kind) and vitamin C ever hour or so. Zinc is another good immune booster and kids burn through zinc pretty fast. Yin Chow is great to have on hand as if you give it immediately it can stifle a cold. If your house is dry, which it probably is you might help them with a humidifier. Do some netti pot rinses. And make lots of chicken soup! God luck! Colds are part of winter and help to boost their immunity.

  3. Great advice, as always. I’m going to add aloe vera to my morning smoothie, get some feet to make into broth, and check out homeopathic petroleum — for my nose which gets dried out in winter no matter what. I have 2 or 3 humidifiers going always. The Vick’s site says the Northeast, where I am, is drier than the Sahara in winter!

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