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  1. Good news, I called the company Just like sugar. Their chicory root comes from Brazil and they guaranteed me it is non GMO. I would still be careful about buying products with inulin or chicory root and check the source before assuming it is healthy. I believe that food grown in Brazil is much less likely to contain GMO chicory root so this is reassuring. The rep at JLS told me they have strict quality control standards that assure purity in their production.

    • Carla, I really appreciate you contacting the company and appreciate both your comments. I also spoke to Just Like Sugar so felt confident about their sourcing. But your comments do point out how important it is to check the source of foods you might not suspect. Many people don’t realize some xylitol is from GMO corn or that papaya is often GMO, or zucchini is often as well. I was just reading a draft law has been submitted to the Russian parliament making it a crime to produce GMO foods harmful to the environment. We may be moving in the right direction.

  2. PLEASE NOTE THIS AUTHOR VERIFIED “JUST LIKE SUGAR” SWEETENER IS NOT A GMO – READ THE NEXT COMMENT: I have used just like sugar in baking recipes. However, I am concerned about its safety as it contains chicory root which is inulin. Plus it’s is listed as “natural” which is a catch all deceiving phrase. ( look up the NAKED juice company lawsuit for example) Inulin is a GMO and that’s a big problem if you’re concerned about your health. There is nothing healthy or beneficial about GMOs. All of our processed foods contain GMOs because our government approves them so that they can continue to take in all the lobbying money from the big food giants like Monsanto, Pepsico, General Mills, etc etc. This is why we are a sick nation with diabetes on the rise. I would like to get verification from the Just like sugar company if in fact their ingredients are non GMO. I highly doubt it.

  3. Fabulous article, Linda! Coincidentally, someone gave me a bag of Lakanto and I used it in my hot porridge this morning. I thought it was terrific, but you’re right about the price. I hesitate to use it on my blog or my cooking classes because it is incredibly expensive. I look forward to trying Just Like Sugar. What do you make of coconut sugar and coconut nectar? Hard to find concrete data on those.

    • Thanks Pamela. You’re right – hard to find the facts on coconut sweeteners: they do contain sucrose, which is sugar, whether it also has substantial amounts of fructose seems up for debate. The glycemic index is low: 30-40 and it is very high in potassium, so better than regular sugar. I say go light when you really want that flavor, which is tasty. Let me know if you hear more.

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