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Let’s face it, when your energy level is up, life is better.  You get more accomplished,  have more time for play and your spirits are up. Even our metabolism gets a boost when our energy is up – we burn more calories, so weight loss gets easier.

What or who energizes you?  What depletes you? If you find yourself fatigued, depressed or using food as therapy, you might be working against your inner guidance.  Our energy level, including what we feel drawn to, can be a good indicator of the wisdom in our life choices, meaning what is best for our health, weight, finances and success.

When we go with what energizes us, we are usually rewarded with success or greater efficiency, often pleasure and more satisfaction.  When we follow our energy in making decisions, we less often end up in front of the refrigerator or with a carton of ice cream in hand. We more often feel like being active, less like sitting on the couch. This translates into more calories burned and a boost in mood and better health.

Pay attention to what energizes or attracts you.  Have you ever been looking through a travel magazine and had an urge to visit an exotic place or new city?  Plan that trip!  Do you feel enticed by a yoga retreat or writing workshop?  Why not go? Is there a song that makes you feel like dancing? Go play it!

I have a client who struggles with depression and anxiety, which drives her to sugar and alcohol. When she travels, even short car trips with friends, her spirits lift, her anxiety level drops and alcohol and sugar no longer have their appeal.  Even just planning the next excursion brings relief and boosts her mood.

Pay just as much attention to the converse. We’ve all been invited to a party or event we just didn’t feel like going to.  Then we go anyway and wind up regretting it. Maybe you run into your ex with his new girlfriend, or you fall ill. Following our energy can bring us more pleasure, less pain.

We also get more subtle messages from our unconscious mind.  Are you forgetting to take your vitamins? You may not need them anymore, or need something different. One of my clients was forgetting to take her baby aspirin, only to find out later it was causing internal bleeding and anemia, and had she kept on it, the damage would have worsened.  Some homeopaths consider forgetting to take one’s remedy as a sign it’s no longer needed.

Although good to notice, forgetting to take a supplement or medication is not always the best way to determine your needs. In my new ebook I will show you how to access your subconscious with energy testing, getting a “yes” or “no” on whether specific foods, menu items, supplements and or other substances are balancing to your system or not a good choice for your health.

Start with moving in the direction of what energizes you.  The more you heed your inner guidance, the more messages you will enjoy.

Here are 5 ways I follow my energy.

Say no: If someone asks me to do a favor, or to go to lunch or on a trip and I get that niggling sensation of heaviness and I feel resistance, I decline. Too often we feel like we always need to say yes. I say no when I feel like it (usually).

Nature. I have a river out my back door. It’s my spot to recharge. Before living here, I headed for the nearest nature trail when I need an energy boost or to de-stress. Nature is well-known for her healing and rejuvenation benefits.

Walk. Movement keeps our inner energy, or Qi, moving.  I love to walk.

Music. The right song at the right time gets me moving.  I have play lists for my car and my home.  Music helps me feel energized and lighter.

Animals. There’s nothing like a break from writing to sit with my dog and rub his soft belly. It puts as smile on both our faces. I always stop to pet my neighbor’s goats too. I’m one of those suckers for links to cute animals.

In my new ebook,  BE Thin in 21 Days, you will learn more about following your energy.  You will also see how your own energy current, or life force, can become stuck leading to depression, anger, frustration and disease and how to get it going again.  Comment below with your questions or specific needs you want addressed.


Follow Your Energy — 10 Comments

  1. I really feel like I have the blahs lately. Still adjusting to new job. Just exhausted. Staying away (with a few blips here and there) from sugar and eating mostly GF and DF. Figured out I am anemic but taking Floradix (liquid form of iron) twice a day. That helps.
    Thanks for listening!

    • We all cycle, so could be part that. It is winter, and lower light often contributes to feeling off. Winter is a time for more rest, less “doing.” We forget that. Anemic! that will certainly leave you feeling down, exhausted, tired, and chilled. Eating more wintery beef and lamb stews will help. Also consider the cell salt Ferrum phos a couple times a day. This will increase iron assimilation without overloading your liver with an iron supplement. Spring is around the corner.

  2. I can’t wait for the e-book release!!!
    I have finally come to the realization that even one sugar treat sends me on the ‘need and craving’ for sugar. I am cravng it like crazy although no treats I like are in my house (the kids have a few here).
    Can the homeopathics you perscribed me … Ignatia ( I have a few left) and camphora help me to rid of cravngs?
    Thank you so much in advance:)

    • Yes, sometimes one bit of sugar opens those floodgates! Keep it small, include plenty of protein, and you should be OK. Ignitia is really only for specific emotional situations, not for everyone. If you feel your emotions are swinging back and forth, you can try taking one pellet. Skip the camphora, that was to clear your case.

  3. Thank YOU. When I eat just a handful of nuts here, another handful there, a bite of eggs here, it’s not satisfying, nor is it energizing. I am taking Thorne Magnesium Citrate. I am only taking it at night.

  4. HI Linda,
    Your words just in this short blog go a long way:)

    Some items that I struggle with….say, I set my intention in the morning when all is calm and then the day picks up momentum with caring for my kids….the whining, bickering, etc. that will cause me to feel frustrated and anxious. I’d love to hear your techniques and mantras that I could say to myself to ‘keep me on MY track’. You have given me single words and phrases in the past that have helped. Can’t wait to check out the new book….

    • OK, a couple ideas here: Be SURE you start out with a breakfast that keeps your blood sugar stable and adrenalin on an even keel; that means protein and good fats. If you don’t get that (or your kids don’t) you (or your kids) start out at a disadvantage with adrenals overacting and high or low blood sugar leaving you feeling anxious or depleted. Eggs, yogurt with nuts or oatmeal with butter and nuts are all options. Next, BREATHE. When you breathe deep and exhale long and slow, your nervous system calms down. When anxious, we forget to breathe, sometimes we even hold our breath, which makes us more anxious. Notice this! Finally, take a breather. Walk around the block; drive to a park to let kids play and you breathe some nature. Sometimes getting away from the source of the stress is the only thing that works. Find a patch of nature and notice what you are grateful for. Also, be sure you are taking a good form of magnesium – most people are deficient; it enables us to make serotonin and feel calm. You deplete yours when you have a stressful morning.

  5. You always say exactly the right thing at the right time! Where, when, how can I get your new book?

    • I am happy to hear that Aurelia! My book is in the works…. I will be announcing it’s availability here, probably with a tele-class to go with it in the beginning. I don’t like guessing how long it will take to finish, but my guess is by end of July. Be sure to let me know where you most struggle; I can include more examples of coping with that kind of thing.

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