21 Days to Being Slim


Weight loss starts with your mind.  Einstein once said “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.” The right food choices are essential to re-shaping your body, but getting your mind on board is key to your success.

When you are BEING thin, in your mind, you will achieve a slim body faster than you think, and with less effort.  Diets fail because they don’t address your mind.

How many times have you gone on a diet then sabotaged yourself with pizza, cookies or ice cream?  Diets fail 85-95% of the time because most people don’t do anything about their fat-mentality.

We develop thoughts and beliefs around our bodies, as well as our talents, finances and love lives.  We attract situations and people, including the ability to shape our bodies, habits and behaviors, with our thoughts and beliefs. Research shows by imagining a skill or new way of being, we change neural networks that physically reflect that action.  Imagination changes our brain.

I used to be fat and desperately wanted to get thin.  I tried a host of diets hoping to get rid of my belly rolls, yet, like most dieters, only grew fatter.

Now I am in my 50’s (a time when most pack on fat) and am lean.  I do not restrict or deprive myself of foods I want, nor do I frequent gyms.   I did a slimming mind-makeover and my body obediently and effortlessly followed.

Side note here. You can apply these mind tactics to other areas of your life.  Other desires I manifested: a dream job at a  spa with free massages and gourmet dinners;  a big office overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge; three years living on a sailboat in the Mediterranean and another three years living in a Turkish village on the Aegean.  I also sold a house and boat without putting them on the market

Always imagine the outcome you desire. Does it always work? No.  But I guarantee you will be getting a lot more of what you want this way than lamenting love handles or paltry paychecks.

The first step is to see and really BE the slim you (or the rich you or the great golfer you).  Some of us can see this best while others feel, hear or smell the outcome.  The more senses you use the quicker the results.

You are pretending here.  Use your imagination to shrink down your thighs, to flatten your belly, to firm up your butt or tone your arms.

You may need to  start with smaller steps; instead of a size 4, create your image in size 10.  For some it is easier to work on one area.  Imagine your belly is flat.

Make it as real as you can.  What are you wearing? And doing? Do you feel a breeze? Smell the sea? Emotions are key too.  The more senses you bring to this, the more powerful.  Do this 10 minutes a day for 21 days and you will be impressed with the results.

The business arena and sports world are filled with examples of athletes excelling with visualization, from basketball to downhill skiing to golf.  Weight lifters can even build strength by using only their minds!

This is one of my 8 strategies designed to help you overcome your blocks to getting or staying lean.  More to come.  Watch for my new ebook, which takes you on a transformative step-by-step journey to manifesting your ideal body (& other dreams).

Share your own story of using your imagination to manifest a desire.  Or, when it didn’t work.


21 Days to Being Slim — 17 Comments

  1. Linda,
    We were recently on vacation and I ‘ran out’ of my food–went to beach and only had kid snacks–so I ate wheat crackers, salami, cheese,etc . I should know better….for the rest of that day and the entire day after, I craved carbs and sugar.
    Is it safe to say that I am that sensitive to wheat? When I eat a little, I continue to crave it. Now I find myself in that carb craving cycle again. Frustrating…but, I own that problem. Thanks for your insight!

    • Some processed snack foods contain hidden appetite stimulants, so they are made to get you to go for more. They are disguised as “flavorings.” Sugar and gluten can stimulate your desire for more food too. If your protein level was lower than usual, that could do it. Planning can save the day. There are always tasty snacks that are satisfying, fun and healthy for you and your kids.

  2. Getting the mental aspect right was what helped me the most. I later realized that it didn’t just help with weight loss but life in general. I used to physically force things which didn’t work that great.

  3. just to make sure I have this, if I go to bed at 9:30, wake up at 5:30, do my 30 minute run on the treadmill, would be ideal to be eating breakfast at around 730. I do find that I usually don’t eat breakfast as early as I’m hustling around with kids. Definitely a wake up call to get fuel in my body so I don’t crash when I finally eat at 9 AM.
    Is That about right, Linda?

    Thank you for being my go-to:) there is so much information out there in the world of health, it’s so nice to go to someone who’s had so much experience and read loads of research. Thank you again again and again.:)

    • Hard to make the call for you. If you feel your energy going down or signs of low blood sugar, I suggest you eat sooner. Not sure how long your “fast” is here. Check out mercola web site if you want to know more about different ways of fasting. My only hesitation is that each of us is unique and not everyone is able to thrive while fasting. Perhaps there is one technique that works for you but not others. Experiment!

  4. HI! What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting for weight loss?
    I appreciate your perspective:)
    Happy Monday

    • Short periods of fasting offer some health benefits for many. If you go too long however, it can trigger low blood sugar, toxin release and re-bound eating. If you wind up famished, headachy and overeating after a fast, you may want to re-think it. My preference for most my clients is to eat at least 3-4 hours before bed time, then sleep 8 hours and wait an hour or two, after some activity, to have breakfast. If you are skipping breakfast, and having only two meals in order to “fast”, you can slow your metabolism.

  5. Thank you Linda! I have done this and it’s hard to keep the mind focused on that particular thought, but it’s a step in the right direction. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
    Best wishes!

  6. Linda,
    I want to envision leaner thighs and walking around the pool with my little ones, having a toned body. I want to become a dessert free gal. I want to eat dinner and eat nothing afterwards.
    I can focus on these thoughts for less than one minute. How do I do ten?!
    Thank you!

    • Stretch your one minute to two. Post reminders so you do it often. Visualize 1-2 minutes waiting in line at the grocery store; another 1-2 minutes in the shower. When working out, BE the thin thigh, toned-up you. Instead of focusing on burning thigh fat during your working, BE lean on the treadmill or jogging path….. Always do some imagery when falling off to sleep and as you are waking up – very powerful times. As for dessert, practice (mentally here) eating dinner, then leaving the kitchen without dessert or having tea instead or doing something else and not needing or wanting dessert. If you do this enough times in your head, you will get there. It helps to not have your favorite desserts in the house too. Happy Mother’s Day!!

  7. Linda,
    I am liking this idea of mind strategy and am definitely on board. I’m looking forward to rearranging my thought process and the “smaller steps” approach is appealing. I’ve been working on manifesting change; sounds like you may have heard the call…
    Thanks Linda!

  8. Linda,
    I am new to this. Do you do this for a consistent 10 minutes?
    When I saw your subject in the subject line, I was excited because I knew again that what you had to say would work. 🙂

  9. Good morning Linda, I have a photograph taken of myself several years ago and I have it placed with my collection of special amulets, my sacred alter space.
    When I have felt heavy I think of this photograph and that time in my life and how I felt and how I looked I’ve always been able to get back there, to a slim n happy Patty except for right now.
    I am in my mid-50s, I am on bio identical hormone’s – armour 60mg, very active, my daily practice is a little week however life is good and I don’t feel like that happy go lucky slim Patty and I need to fit into a very important dress coming up soon.
    Emotionally I feel balanced and good and healthy, any suggestions?
    Thank you for this post – great reminder maybe I am just not focusing my intention enough there?

    • This is quite an inspirational story! I believe you created your future (or present now) in Bali. Yes, manifesting does sort of sneak up on you – as soon as you release the vision, you suddenly find yourself in your dream poster, as you put it, with all the details you imagined too. I appreciate you sharing this. Nice to hear!

    • It is possible a part of you is doubting you can get back to that younger version of Patty, that you see it in the past, but not your present. I will be sharing tools for doubt. In the mean time, practice “seeing” and “feeling” yourself as lean and happy in the moment. Make it feel like you are lean right now sitting at your breakfast table or as you relax into sleep at night. Food choices do affect metabolism; we tend to store fat easier at menopause. You may need to make a few diet adjustments for this stage in your life. I will be sharing eating strategies to speed metabolism, which will help. Thank you for sharing your experience. Let us know what happens.

  10. good to read your experience. i believe in the law of attraction and have been manifesting for years. i never tried it with my body weight so that is a great idea. i visualized living in a tropical place by the sea, with massages, warm weather, flowers, trees, waterfalls, fresh tropical fruits, big trees, and 4 months later found myself in bali at a beautiful resort eating a delicious meal with the owners, talking about the law of attraction and suddenly realized i was sitting in my poster that i had made while still living in my old house, unhappy and wishing my life was different….so i moved to bali, where i now live, near the sea, surrounded by beautiful tropical trees, with loving people and living my dream!

  11. You are amazing!!! You have done it again with your trailblazing! So, how long do we have to wait to be inspired by your ebook? I was always wondering if you were going to write another book:) I am going to give this a whirl. I know that when I hyper focus on foods when looking to lose a few pounds, it can backfire. Thank you!

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