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  1. I just bought your book Live in the Balance. Havent’t read it thouroughly, just trying to get an overview before I dig into details. However, I got the opinion that in the book you didn’t recommend saturated fats.. Guess I have to read more to see if this goes for just some conditions or if you have changed your opinion about saturated fats and cholesterol after the book was published?

    • I have learned a lot more about fats since my book was published. I was not anti-saturated fat then, but now realize how vital saturates are. You can use the book information to determine which are right for you; people with a cold pattern will do better with beef and lamb fat for instance. Not every saturated fat is right for everyone.

  2. I posted above (#2)to using “the real stuff” and not chemically altered fats. that also includes some palm oil too. My “diet” consists of 60-75% fat, 20-15% proteins and 5-15% carbs (carbs usually less than 50 grams). I hardly ever eat any wheats or grains either. This way of eating has worked well for me and 45# lighter, it’s now my way of life.

    • I believe Whole Foods does have lard. Make sure it is not the hydrogenated kind. A butcher might be more likely to carry a good quality lard. My preference is a local farmer who raises the old fashioned kind of pigs and either get the rendered lard ready-made or do it myself.

  3. I eat real butter, coconut oil, lard and olive oil. My blood lipid numbers are better than they have been in years. It’s the “real stuff” not full of chemicals.

    • This is hard for people to believe until they experience it! I see if often. The body shuts down overproduction of cholesterol when it gets more through diet. I appreciate you sharing this. Thank you!

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