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  1. My electric mattress pad died last year and I was conflicted about getting another one because of EMFs. When the weather turned colder I had to do something, and don’t ask how the idea came to me but I bought a hot water bottle to take to bed. I didn’t think it would work – I thought parts of me would stay cold – but it keeps me warm all night long!

    I should mention that the instructions said to fill the bottle 2/3 with warm tap water. Didn’t work for me. I heat water on the stove and wait until bubbles form on the bottom. I fill the bottle completely so that the water stays hot longer, and so there is no room to build up steam pressure.
    I inspect the bottle daily, but it appears robust.

    • I appreciate this tip. I heard somewhere electric blankets can leave one depending on the artificial heat to stay warm, and thus colder if you stop using it. Maybe switching to the hot water bottle will allow your body to more naturally generate warmth. Warming foods can help: hot meat based soups, ginger, garlic, leeks, onions, and cinnamon are among them. On the other hand, tofu/soy, spinach, cucumbers, smoothies and salads are cooling.

  2. Thank you for this summary, which is enlightening and disturbing. Rather than dwell on what little control I have with this or other challenges of our times, it encourages me to focus on life’s micro-moments with the people and pleasures I love. Lunch with a friend, a walk in the garden, a good book: these connections will sustain me far further than Wifi ever could.

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