Mind Makeover

Mind Makeover Program

Mind Makeover

Change your thoughts and you change your world.   Norman Vincent Peale

Let’s face it, if portion control worked, nearly 70 percent of Americans would not be overweight.
There wouldn’t be 45 million people on diets.

Diets are a struggle, and in the end they don’t work.

The missing piece is your mind. Your thoughts. Your words. Your Mindset. To succeed with weight loss, you need the right mental tools. Your thoughts need to be on board with your desires. Your wishes need to be your reality.

Life is much easier when you have mental tools to manifest your desires, whether it’s a lean body or a new car in the garage.

My upcoming Mind Makeover Program  (Live sessions March 15 & 29; 4-5:30pm PST) will walk you through the steps to manifest the body you desire. You can apply these techniques to anything – relationships, money, or things. I used these principles to go from fat and constantly dieting to lean and eating what I want. As a foodie, I love to eat, as well as cook, dine out and try new foods. I learned how to stay lean while enjoying my food favorites and I will teach you how as well.

This is a comprehensive program designed to transform your body using your mind.  If you have struggled with diets or destructive eating habits, sign up and learn how to get your mind on board with your desires. Learn the strategies that will help you get lean without another diet, willpower, or portion control. Class is limited to 40 people, so sign up before it fills.

Results to Expect from this Program

Balanced moods & appetite
A speedier metabolism
New habits & mindset
Renewed energy & vitality
More calm, less anxiety
Ability to use conscious breath for change
More gut bacteria that burn fat
Relief from sugar cravings
Restorative (fat-burning) sleep
No more feeling stuck
Plus, learn 6 Little Helpers: Homeopathic remedies for sugar cravings, overwhelm, bloating, menopause, hypothyroid & body fat


What You Get

  • Two-Part Webinar or tele-class (your choice)  –  Two Tuesdays March 15 & 29; 4-5:30pm PST
  • Download guide to all my secrets: Mind Makeover; 21 Days to BE Lean (a Five-Part guide to mental strategies that can transform your body and life in just 21 days. Learn how to use your mind to manifest the body you desire. Plus, learn the basic biochemical needs for success.)
  • Download booklet: Super Metabolism Boosters: plus Fat-Burning Blockers (Discover eight ways to super-charge your metabolism and five ways you you may be blocking your ability to burn fat.)
  • 1 week of personal email support following live sessions. This is where you and I focus in on your particular needs.
  • Class recording if you miss live sessions.

$149 (until March 5;  $199 after). Sound pricey? You’ll learn the same techniques I used to manifest things like doubling my income; a full price house buyers, and a boat buyer (who said to name MY price) both without a listing.