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  1. Good morning!
    My girls eat a very balanced diet and eat their veggies daily. Overall, they are very healthy. They may catch a cold virus once, rarely twice, during the ‘flu season’. Do you recommend any additional children’s supplements? They take a multi and Vitamin D with calcium, but wondering if that is necessary. Thank you!
    Happy, healthy New Year!

    • I can’t say for sure what supplements would help given I don’t know subtle signs and symptoms of your girls but I often recommend some form of omega 3 fat, such as cod liver oil. They might not need this if they eat lots of wild salmon, true pastured eggs and grass fed beef. I don’t know how much fermented foods your family eats, but unless it’s something daily, I would recommend a probiotic. They should be getting dark leafy greens and nuts daily. Regular soups and stews especially with sea veggies should cover most minerals. I might add a daily vitamin C. To ward off flu and colds, consider colostrum in winter and mushroom powder stirred into your home brewed bone broth, which also supplies bone-building and gut-healing nutrients. I don’t recommend most of those cheap sugary vitamin gummmies or sugared C’s. Hope that helps.

  2. Good Morning, Linda,
    What an informative post! This subject is near and dear to my heart. Because of my family history, my OB/GYN recommends a breast MRI and a mammo. I have yet to see if a thermo is covered by insurance.

    That daily recommendation of exercise is enough to put myself on a more regular schedule of regular exercise!

    The list of cancer fighting foods is so helpful. Can I take Nettles in a form of supplement to do the same job?

    How much and what type of folate do you recommend if I have a glass of wine or two?

    Thank you and hope all is well!

    • Look for folate as 5 L MTHF (methyltetrahydrofolate). 1 mg is a good start. You might see how you feel with 2 mg, but back off if you feel overly energized or anxious. A 24 hour steroid urine panel tells you how you are doing on methylation and would guide you in your dose, as well as your levels of cancer-causing estrogens and other hormones. But, few MD’s know how to read these so don’t order them. Some some women appear to need a lot of folate, others need little.

      I prefer fresh nettles, but I am sure nettles tea offers some benefit. I would choose that over a capsule.

      Hope that helps!

    • Alma is a good food source of vitamin C. I often add in some ascorbic acid to bring up total C level in the case of cancer. Some research suggests higher doses of C than obtainable in food sources are therapeutic.

  3. Hi Linda, great posting! My vit D was low my last blood work so the Dr. put me on 25 MCG 1000 IU twice a day. I would like to take your suggestion of also being sure you take vitamin K2 whenever you take vitamin D. Where would you recommend getting it and how much to take.
    I also asked him about -yes you guessed it my joint pain. I still have it and it is the worst I have known it to be. My diet isn’t perfect but not that bad. He said I had elevated markers for to much thyroid – so he cut that back too. I haven’t gotten a good nights sleep for a while now. When I move at night the pain wakes me up then I can’t fall back to sleep because my body hurts. He said by lowering the thyroid medicine should make me sleep better. He said possible the pain was more phantom because of my system being a little out of wack? High thyroid, elevated hormone – I think he said estrogen primarily, glucose elevated? Interesting enough my inflammation markers were normal. I have gotten that estrogen fat belly roll too.
    My girlfriend showed me a new book and for my symptoms it said there is a good chance I have epsom-barre disease (sp?). The book was the Medical Medium, Anthony Williams. my Dr. said that is another catch all disease like Candida was for a while. Your thoughts on this info pls.
    I would be interested in a consultation please, thank you Tricia

    • Hi Tricia,
      Vitamin D is fat soluble so no need for a twice day dose. Some even take it once a week (7 days worth at once)! Every day or every other day is fine. Low D might be contributing to pain. 1000IU is not a lot. You might consider kicking it up, but test every 4-6 months to know for sure. Between 50-60 ng/ml is what you want to shoot for. You can get home test kids, which run less than most labs. I like Thorne vitamin D3-K2 drops, that way you get D and K together. You can also pick up K2, in the form of MK7 and/or MK4 from and just take it the same day as your D. Studies show vitamin K2 reduces RA symptoms and inflammatory markers. People love to name their pain or health issue, but for most, eliminating sugar and gluten, and possibly nightshades, would probably reduce your pain subside substantially. Of course cod liver oil and curcumin are amazing pain fighters too.

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