Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s & Aluminum

Could you be loading your body with a toxic metal?

Much like lead and mercury, aluminum is a metal that damages human tissue. We’ve been taught not to chew the paint off our walls and to say “no” to mercury tooth fillings, but what about aluminum? It’s the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust and may be more toxic than mercury. It is also incorporated into a variety of products for human use. Perhaps you can get ahead of the curve in avoiding this one.

Regular exposure to aluminum can lead to confusion, memory loss, problems with balance and coordination and allergic reactions to a wide range of substances. Aluminum is found in abnormal levels in the the tangles of brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Aluminum turns normal cells into cancer cells. Numerous studies link aluminum in anti-perspirants with breast cancer.

Too much of this metal blocks iron absorption and can lead to anemia. In kids, aluminum exposure can retard growth, yet it is commonly used in childhood vaccines to trigger immune system changes. Researchers are unclear of the longterm effects of aluminum exposure from vaccines and other sources.

We pick up aluminum from anti-perspirants, antacids and vaccines. High levels of aluminum can also be found in black tea, canned soft drinks and juices and refined table salt, as well as foods cooked in aluminum.

Sources of Aluminum

Black tea, especially with lemon
Cocoa powders
Salt (anti-caking agent used in refined salt)
Baking powder
Drinking water treated with aluminum (Al flocculating agents remove dirt )
Most anti-perspirants
Aluminum cookware, tinfoil (especially when cooking acid foods)
Soft drink and juice cans
IV nutrition
Workplace air, mines or waste sites

If you suspect aluminum toxicity, stop using products known to contain this metal. Diet, supplements and homeopathy have been used successfully to help remove aluminum.


Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s & Aluminum — 6 Comments

  1. Good morning Linda!
    Hope you are well!
    I yet have another friend that is fighting breast cancer. I feel like (and it could be my age) I am hearing about it occurring more and more. I have switched antiperspirants because mine contained aluminum and it just didn’t feel right to continue to use it. I am afraid to become the next victim to breast cancer or other cancers (I have another friend who is fighting lung cancer). I did do genetic testing and I do get a breast MRI each year, per my gynecologist.

    What else can I do to avoid this potentially harmful disease?

    Thank you again for your years of mentorship.

    • Many women share your concern Andria. You are doing the right things such as exercise, keeping your weight down and avoiding aluminum sources, especially antiperspirants. Nutritional strategies include: avoid sugar, minimize alcohol, and include lots of cruciferous veggies, exotic mushrooms, and turmeric. Although this is just a start. Supplements are best selected based on constitution, diet and family history. My preference is thermography over mammogram for screening to avoid radiation of breast tissue. For those who want to be more diligent in using diet, botanicals and supplements to reduce cancer risk, consider a food plan or a one-month diet review (if you have a plan from me already). Good timing for this: Why do we see few preventive guidance from the Susan G Komen foundation? Should we be racing for a cure? or prevention?

  2. Hi Linda,
    I eat a fair amount of dark chocolate from Lindt. They have a 90% bar that I usually have a couple of squares a day of/sometimes 3. I wrote to Lindt to ask if they used Sodium silico-aluminate during the processing of their 90% bars. They replied right away saying they didn’t know for sure but would find out. Then they wrote a couple days later saying they had checked into it and no, they didn’t use it for the 90% bars. Of course now I am curious about their other chocolate products. But I feel better about eating their chocolate. Thanks for the heads up. I will continue to write to companies about tea etc.

  3. HI Linda!!

    When I was doing research on what ingredients were in the vaccines that were recommended for my girls, most of them contained aluminum. I do give them some of the recommended vaccines, but certainly not all, especially the flu vaccine. They are healthy girls, rarely getting the flu, if at all. I am shocked to see black tea on here. Thanks again for your insight and knowledge. I may have to bug you on what homeopathics to give the girls as I do give them some vaccines.
    Hope all is well!

    • You are a great Mom to do this kind of research for your kids. I wish my mom did. Stay informed. If kids are healthy, some vaccines are not such a big deal, but now days kids tend to have so many health issues that vaccines then become a problem. Also the volume of vaccines can be too much. Kids with weak immune systems or other health problems just can’t take the immune-weaking properties nor toxic additives in the vaccines. Now we know that there has been a coverup at the CDC regarding vaccine safety. A leading researcher there has come forward to see he falsified safety data.

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