Reverse Skin Aging — 11 Comments

  1. I read recently that duck fat on the skin is really good for wrinkles and cellulite. I already use coconut oil but was wondering about duck fat and the effectiveness it would have on the skin.

    • These are all great choices for aging skin. I have not tried duck fat myself as I associate the smell with hearty food. Women in the Gascony region of France have beautiful velvety skin and attribute it to all the duck fat they consume. Consuming fats helps hydrate skin. I have found castor oil as a moisturizer is helpful with wrinkles and dryness. Frankincense essential oil is also a wrinkle treatment and smells nice in the oil.

  2. If you look at some of the most successful people in the history of anything, you’ll find that they typically have some sort of morning routine or quirk that gets them fired up for the day — most exercise, some dip themselves into an ice bath and others rub lotion all over their skin. Indeed, it is really quite effective to getting the younger look. In contrary, this generation, just spend a lot of money to repair or restore their skin by undergoing a surgery or any medical operations, which I can’t take. I still find healthy lifestyle is the key to slowing down ageing process. Hopefully that everyone will find this post so that they’ll open their eyes.

  3. Hi linda, I have noticed for the past month my face has been super oily whereas it was always a combination skin. I have been breaking out on my forehead too. ANy tips or thoughts?

    • Andria, there are several things that could contribute… could be you are going overboard on fats/oils, or possibly hormones are changing. Would need to see your diet and ask you some questions.

  4. I like this post!

    I’m not sure of this for myself but walnuts are often rancid when bought and have a high amount of omega 6s. I would say they are good (ike most things) on proviso that they’re fresh…



    • Yes, because of their rich essential fat content, many nuts are rancid when you buy them. Look for a fresh harvest of walnuts, or other nuts, then store in your freezer. Rancid nuts, just like rancid oils age your skin and organs.

  5. Linda,
    This makes me always think twice when reaching for sugary snack!
    I am about to order some daily moisturizer from NYR Organic and I was wondering….would you suggest I get one with sunscreen?

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