My mission is to excite, inspire and motivate your group to new habits with unexpected scientific findings and powerful nutritional tools, stories from around the world, and memorable demonstrations.

“I’d rather eat nails than hear a boring health talk”
Tired of Boring Presentations?
Energize and Inspire Your Group. Choose from topics like these, or create your own:

7 Tips for Boosting Energy & Productivity
Fit for Leadership: Keys to Inner Balance, Mental Focus & Strength
New Tools for Old Habits
Skills for Lifelong Change

For Your Organization

Linda has delivered hundreds of
presentations to:

Meeting Planners International
Kaiser Permanente
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
The UCSF Nurse Leadership Fellows
Merck & Co.
Tower Records marketing team
PG&E, California
Johnson & Johnson
The Commonwealth Club
The World President’s Organization
Coopers and Lybrand
Lockheed Missiles and Space
Also hospitals, women’s groups and sales groups.

For Your Group of Friends

Your odds of being overweight go up if you have an obese friend. Bring your friends, family, or club members together for a memorable, vitalizing workshop:
8 Strategies for Boosting Metabolism, Cutting Sugar Cravings and Burning Fat
The Healthy Gourmet: Tips for Fabulously Healthy Meals in Minutes
Is Your Family Out of Balance? Key Nutrition Tools for Fit Vital Families
All presentations and workshops are available as one-hour, two-hour, half- or full day formats, or as a workshop series.

For more information: Email or ☎ 541.246.0386